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Originally Posted by JD View Post. Black male models tumblr. Such was the case at Capital Carnage, a UK-only pay-per-view held in , almost a full year before The Kat lost her top stateside.

Kat won, leaving every man watching wishing he had lost the match as well. Wwe bra and panties match real. This is the match that started it all. The IWC is a pretentious bunch that puts themselves at a level above regular wrestling fans, but thankfully, Vince McMahon and his fellow promoters have always programmed for the regular guy, not the enlightened connoisseurs. Xxx movies only. Triple H wins the Elimination Chamber World Heavyweight Championship Match: Lonely single men who live in their parents basement.

Laser Rey is offline. Both Raw and SmackDown were cruising through the television ratings and Raw ended with a 5. Fear the mind it protects From the mouth of madness I'm a Sasha Banks fan, but I think she just slighted some GREAT female athletes who performed at top levels while drawing huge ratings.

A lingerie match between two women who barely learned to take a bump was high on sexiness but low on anything that looked like wrestling. Vince Russo defended the women who competed in the Bra and Panties matches during the Attitude Era, saying that it helped win the Monday Night Wars.

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Sable was in her little black dress, which from the get-go was ending up around her waist, while her boobs teetered on popping out as she writhed with Luna on the mat. Get laid for free tonight. Scott Hall Explains Why He Was In The Hospital May 24, Women of Wrestling Celebrities. Sex symbols like Trish Stratus, Torrie Wilson and Stacy Keibler helped to provide the WWE with a whole range of money making ventures, including Diva DVD documentaries, calendars, special magazines and other assorted products.

They call it the Attitude Era, but it should have been called the lingerie era, because that was the biggest difference between their show now and then. WWE Raw , [[ October 16 ]], Ask 9GAG I have a question. Wwe bra and panties match real. She then spanked a wet Trish, as the Diva rolled all over the mat. New Year's Revolution - Steel Cage Match Aerial daredevils Jeff Hardy and John Morrison settle their rivalry over the Intercontinental Championship inside a steel cage on January 7, Thank God the Diva's Division has evolved.

ROH World Championship ROH World Tag Team Championship ROH World Television Championship ROH World Six-Man Tag Team Championship. When it comes to sex appeal, Sable could very well be considered the most lusted after star in WWE history. Oral g spot. Unfortunately for the male viewers or ladies who like this kind of stuff both women were wearing bra and panties under their clothes, so it was less Spring Break Wet T-shirt contest than many hoped. Report as violent, gory and harmful content?

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On a quiet evening in October of , two lovely women showed up on Raw to wrestle in a Bra and Panties Paddle on a Poll match which requires each lady to attempt to strip the other one down to their bra and panties to win followed by a whipping at the hands of a paddle that is clipped up high atop a pole in the ring. Matches that got everyone's hearts racing and even had us laughing a time or two. Report it if it doesn't follow 9GAG rules.

It was four of the hottest women ever employed by Vince McMahon, going at it in a match to promote Torrie and Sable being joint Playboy cover girls. Do You Know Who Won The Last 50 World Series Championships? Posts promoting illegal activities, e.

Jerry Lawler and the former Mrs. NXT Championship NXT Tag Team Championship NXT Women's Championship. Wwe bra and panties match real. We remove posts that include copyright or trademark infringement. Aaron Varble - Jul 19, 0. M4m massage seattle. General WWE RAW SmackDown NXT Battleground. It is, has, and always will be a degrading match for fucking anti-social losers to jack to.

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